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The Pet Vu Tracker

What is the Pet Vu ID?

The Pet Vu ID (also known as the IMEI number) is a unique number given to each Pet Vu. This is what connects your Pet with your Pet Vu tracker.
You will need this number to add your pet to your account and is found on the inside of the box that your Pet Vu device arrived in. 
If your get an error message about the Pet Vu ID when adding your pet, please contact:
*Check that you have entered our Pet Vu ID correctly. If that still doesn't work, please contact Pet Vu customer support and give us your Pet Vu device ID.
This Pet Vu ID is already registered to your pet.
This means that your Pet Vu is already been added to one of your existing pets. You'll need to remove one pet before adding it to another.
This Pet Vu ID is already registered to another user's pet.
This means that your Pet Vu is already been added to a different users account. Has one of your friends/family already set up this Pet Vu device? If not please contact Pet Vu support.

What are the device modes?

Urgent Mode:
Location data is updated every 1 minute.

Normal Mode:
Location is updated every 10 minutes.

Standby Mode:
This mode ensures the longest battery life but provides the least amount of location and activity data. To locate your pet press the 'locate now' button on the screen.
Location info. is provided every 2 hrs.

Sleep Mode:
If the tracker is idle for more than 3 minutes it goes into a sleep mode. If movement is detected, it will wake up the device.

Power Saving Mode:
The tracker goes into a sleep mode. However, it will still report the location data.

How do I remove the battery?

See video.

How do I check the status of my Pet Vu Pet Tracker?

• To check the status of the unit at any time after the initial 5 minute boot up phase has finished, you can quickly press and release the button on the Pod and the lights should display as explained in the status lights table.
• If the lights don’t display after a quick press of the button, then the unit is most likely turned off or out of charge. You can turn it back on by pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds. If the battery is flat, the unit will either not turn on or will turn on and show a red battery light. Please replace the battery and turn the unit on again.

How do I reset my Pet Vu Tracker?

If you want to start using a Pet Vu device that belonged to someone else, you can perform what is called a factory reset. Please contact

What a factory reset does is remove the all data associated with your device in our customer records (CRM) , and prepare the device to be added as a new Pet Vu device.