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Return Policy
  1. Introduction

At Pet Vu Inc. we understand that sometimes you may wish to return a Product you have purchased from us or a retail store. To assist you in the returns process, we have set out the Pet Vu Inc. Returns Policy which is broken into 2 sections:

  • Returns Policy
  • Returns Process


  1. Returns Policy

2.1.          Pet Vu Inc. will provide a full refund for products which are confirmed to be faulty or which do not perform as described on this Website or on the Product packaging. This may include the following:

(a)             The Product does not power on;

(b)             The Product’s indicator lights are not working correctly; or

(c)             You don’t have cell / mobile reception at your home.


2.2.          We do ask that you cover the cost of the return shipping to our closest return centre for review. If you purchased your Product from a retail store, you can return it there, however, Products purchased from this Website cannot be returned to a retail store.


2.3.          Returning an item that you ordered but no longer want is a change of mind. Due to the nature and cost of the Product, we do not provide returns for a change of mind.


2.4.          If you return a Product, it must be in its original condition and with the original packaging.


2.5.          All return requests must be approved by Pet Vu’s customer support before they are returned (as per the Returns Process below).


2.6.          If you consider that any product delivered by Pet Vu Inc. is not consistent with your Order, you may return the product subject to your compliance with the Returns Process set out below.


2.7.          Due to the fact that GPS technology is dependent on a number of variables and can be effected by factors such as your location, weather conditions and interferences from buildings etc, we cannot always guarantee consistent GPS locations. Any request for a Product Replacement or Product Return based on inaccurate or inconsistent GPS locations is at the sole discretion of Pet Vu Inc..


  1. Returns process

Please follow the below steps to ensure a smooth experience with your product return.

3.1.          Email Pet Vu Inc. customer service at with the full description of the issue/s that you’re experiencing and allow us the opportunity to resolve your issue/s through our support desk process.


3.2.          If your issue/s can’t be resolved and you would like a replacement Product, please email Pet Vu customer support requesting a Product Replacement and provide your order number, name, contact number, quantity and the reason for replacement.


3.3.          If your issue/s can’t be resolved and you would like to return your Product, please email Pet Vu Inc. customer service requesting a Product Return and provide your order number, name, contact number, quantity and the reason for return.


3.4.          Pet Vu Inc. customer support will contact you by email to confirm if your request has been approved or rejected. Pet Vu Inc. may need to contact you by phone to obtain details required to process your request.


3.5.          If you are sending a Product back to us, we recommend sending it back by registered post with a tracking number. Products returned are sent via your own cost and risk. All products being returned should match the conditions outlined in the Returns Policy (above) and please include all supplied packaging with the Product/s being returned. 


3.6.          Once Pet Vu Inc. receives the Product and verifies that the Product accords with the description of the problem or issue you supplied, Pet Vu Inc. will:

(a)             If Pet Vu Inc. deems the product to be faulty, the product will be replaced or your purchase refunded. The freight and handling charges (to you) for any replacement product will be covered by Pet Vu.

(b)             If Pet Vu Inc. deems the product not to be faulty, we will attempt to resolve the issue/s and the Product will be returned to you and the freight and handling charges (to you) will be covered by Pet Vu Inc.


3.7.          If a refund is to be paid back to you and you purchased your Product directly from the Pet Vu website, it will be processed as a refund on the credit card which was used to purchase your Pet Vu GPS Pet Tracker. If you purchased the Product from a retailer, your refund will need to be processed by them. The refund amount will be based on the advertised price that you paid for the faulty Product at the time of purchase, not including transaction fees, exchange fees or any other costs such as payments for shipping.


3.8.          Pet Vu Inc. will endeavour to complete the verification process and the actions set out above within 5 business days of the receipt of the returned products. If you fail to obtain written authorisation from Pet Vu Inc. to return a product prior to sending it back, Pet Vu Inc. may not process your request. The Product will be returned to you and the freight and handling charges (to you) will be covered by Pet Vu Inc.


3.9.          Please note that returns will only be accepted if the request meets all necessary criteria as requested and disclosed to Pet Vu customer service and complies with our Returns Policy (above).

Please refer to the Terms of Use on this Website for the meaning of capitalised words and expressions not otherwise defined in this document.