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Locating Your Pet Tracker

How often are the location updates?

You can request a current location at any time from the app (although each request uses up some of your usage quota, so don't use it unnecessarily) and the device will send location data 1 minute apart back to the app to plot them on the map. You can also set the unit to Track Mode on the Profile page, so it will continue to track locations and activity levels on a journey up to every 1 minute apart. 

How does the device get a location and communicate with the app?

Pet Vu uses the GPS network to locate your pet (like a car GPS which uses satellites to triangulate a location) which has good coverage almost anywhere in the world, but needs to be outside with clear view of the sky. It then uses a SIM card to send locations via the 2G mobile / cell network back to the app which requires mobile / cell coverage to work.

You need both a GPS lock and mobile / cell reception to successfully get a location from the Pet Vu tracker. The status will be displayed on the mobile app and tell you if you have a lock and reception from the location request from within the app, an SMS is sent to your Pet Vu tracker asking it to send back it's location. The Pet Vu tracker then tries to get it's current location from the satellites. If it's successful, then the current location is sent back to the app to be displayed on the map and an updated location will be sent and displayed every 10 seconds for about a minute. If the Pet Vu tracker does not get a location from the satellites, then a failure message is returned to the app. 

How does the Geo-Fence Notification work?

Pet Vu allows you to receive an alert on your phone or computer when your pet leaves your set zone. Follow these steps to get the alerts working:

1. Set a zone around your property boundary.
2. Put the app into Geo Fence mode.
3. Take your Pet Vu tracker well outside the set zone and wait up to 5 minutes. Alerts can take up to around 5 minutes to be sent because the device checks for it’s location every 5 minutes when in Geo-Fence mode (to avoid battery drain from checking more often). The geo-fence alerts are sent as a message on the web app and as a notification (like an SMS) on the native mobile app.

Note: GPS technology doesn't provide full coverage in all areas and provides location accuracy up to around +/- 10 metres and there are a few factors which influence the reliability of the perimeter alerts, so they should not be relied on as an accurate safety measure.

How Do I locate my Pet Vu GPS Pet Tracker?

There are a few things involved in getting a location from the Pet Vu tracker. Please understand there are technology limitations i.e. Network availability, Foliage etc.
  • Please follow these steps power on the Pet Vu tracker device.
  • If the mobile / cell reception light isn’t lighting up correctly (See Lights Table) you should move the Pet Vu device to an area with better mobile / cell reception or try again later.
  • There may be some interference between you and the GPS satellites such as buildings, trees or bad weather. You should move the Pet Vu tracker device to a more open area or try again when there is better weather.
  • If you still don’t get reception or a lock, then try power cycling the unit. Turn it off by holding the button for 3 seconds, and then turn it back on by pressing the button again for 3 seconds until the lights flash as detailed in the Lights Table.
  • If you experience ongoing problems, then please contact Pet Vu Inc. at

How do I reset my Pet Vu Tracker?

If you want to start using a Pet Vu device that belonged to someone else, you can perform what is called a factory reset. Please contact

What a factory reset does is remove the all data associated with your device in our customer records (CRM) , and prepare the device to be added as a new Pet Vu device.