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GPS and Mobile

How much is the mobile data cost?

Air-time charges are $5.00/month - 10MB via Rogers Wireless. 

What countries does Pet Vu operate in?

Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility Networks (Canada) has strategic alliances with other wireless carriers. Therefore, the unit can work in 176 countries where there are partnerships for network usage across USA, Europe and Asia. In addition to network availability, in roaming territories, Google Mapping must be available for the roaming area. Note: Please check with Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility Networks regarding roaming charges that may be applicable, if any.

What is the Usage Quota

The usage quota can be derived from Rogers Wireless. It represents, how much SMS and data you've used in the current month. Each time you send a locate request and each time you change the device mode, an SMS will be sent which uses up some of your quota. The quota is initially for information purposes only.
If a customer continues to use more than their quota, then additional charges may be applicable. Please contact Rogers Wireless and Bell Mobility Networks for more additional queries.

What is the range of the Pet Vu Tracker?

Because we use GPS and GSM mobile technology (as opposed to Bluetooth), the device talks to satellites and base stations then back to your mobile (not directly from the device to your mobile), so the issue is more about coverage than range. GPS coverage is available almost anywhere in the world and GSM is good in most regions, so you can track your pet even if it is in a different province or country. GPS signal works best outside in a clear area in good weather. It can be effected by buildings, trees and bad weather.

What is the mobile coverage like?

Pet Vu runs on the 2G and 3G mobile network as it is more cost effective for low bandwidth communication such as GPS tracking. The 2G networks are different from what you get with the 3G / 4G networks that you're most likely using on your mobile / cell phone.