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Getting Started

Step 1. Charge the Battery:

How do I charge my Pet Vu Tracker?

The Pet Vu Tracker has an internal lithium polymer rechargeable battery that, in typical use, should last for around 7 days. The mobile iOS and Android app will display the battery levels. 

1.  Attach the AC adapter that came with your device, via the USB cable.

2. It will take 1-2 hrs. to fully charge the tracker.

*Notice: 1st charge, please charge 5 hours*

Charge with the USB cable and adapter for 2 hrs.


During the charging, the Red LED will be on and it will be off when it is full charged.




Step 2. Attach Pet Vu Tracker to your Pet

Attaching to your collar
1. Place the collar that came with your unit, through the attachment clip.(See Diagram)
2. Attach the pet tracker and the clip according to the arrow mark on both sides, and turn
counterclockwise to lock it. (See diagram below).

 Feed the collar through the clip


Follow the arrow, spin and lock to finish installation.
To enhance the attachment of the tracker to the collar attach the silicon bands.

Step 3. Download the App from iTunes and Google Play

Step 4. Turning the Pet Vu Tracker On

  • Go outside to an open area with a clear view of the sky away from buildings and trees.
  • Press and hold the on/off button located on the side of the tracker device for 3 seconds. The lights will come on in sequence to show the Pet Vu tracker is booting up.
  • The Pet Vu tracker will go into a boot up phase for 5 minutes after it has been turned on. The lights go off to save battery. 

Turn on: Hold the power key located on the side of the device for 5 seconds. All LEDs blink once together.

Turn off: Hold the power key for 5 seconds. All LED blink once.

Turning the Pet Vu Tracker Off
Hold the Button for 3 seconds until the light goes red to show the Pet Vu tracker is turning off

Step 5. Locate your Pet Vu Tracker

To find the current location of your Pet Vu Tracker
      1. Click the Pet Vu mobile app icon.
      2. If you get a message saying your Pet Vu tracker can’t be found, then the device must be out of mobile/cell range, not have a GPS lock or have a flat battery. If you’re near the Pet Vu tracker, you can quickly press the button on the unit to check the lights for the mobile/cell reception, GPS location and battery level. If you’re not near the Pet Vu tracker device, you can try sending a location request later.