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10 Million Pets Are Lost EVERY YEAR

Let’s Make Sure Yours Isn’t One Of Them

Innovative and Intelligent

Pet Vu is a revolutionary pet tracking device that provides you with a peace of mind. Be assured that your best friend can always be located.

Rechargable Battery
The battery in the Pet Vu tracker can last up to 7 days, and recharges in about an hour.
The Pet Vu tracker is ruggedized and can withstand most demanding environmental conditions.
Water Resistant
This device is not water proof IP67. Caution must be exercised.
Pet Vu uses cellular and GPS technology to locate your dog's location anywhere in Canada.-


View your pet’s location on an interactive map.
Location History
Receive your pet’s location history throughout the day.
In the event your pet violates the boundary crossing of this zone, you will receive a text/email alert.
Low Battery Alert
Receive low battery alerts to your mobile device either by text or email, when the battery is depleted on the pet tracking device.

GPS Location Tracking

You’ll have the comfort knowing that with Pet Vu your dog will never be lost.

How it works?

Step 1
Download the app

Go to the App Store or Google Play and simply download the app.

Step 2
Attach to your pet

Follow the basic instructions on how to attach to your pet.

Step 3
Track on your phone

Open the app on your phone, enter your settings open profile and begin tracking.

Safety • Security • Convenience

Empowering Pet Parents

Pet Vu provides a new way to monitor and care for your dog, providing you key location-based and activity data. Receive alerts and notifications to your mobile phone and email inbox. Help usher a new era of pet care with Pet Vu.

Pet Vu GPS Pet Tracker

Pet Vu is  pet tracking device that attaches to your dog's collar and sends   location-based details and daily activity data directly to your mobile .
This device requires a Pet Vu service plan. Learn more here

Pet Vu uses Canada's most reliable cellular network to provide your pet's location. Should your dog ever become lost, our service fee ensures you have the ability to locate him/her via our mobile app using GPS.

Billed monthly

Small and light weight
User intuitive mobile app
Easy to install

Introductory Offer


  • + $7.99/month for service
  • Recommended for Dogs 10lbs +
  • Color(s) Available:Blue

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